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Why People are Raving About Vegan Handbags

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What to Look for in Vegan handBags

The veganism lifestyle goes full circle with the vegan handbags trend. Unlike leather bags, vegan bags are those made of materials that were not derived from animals.  Beyond the fashion consciousness, knowing fully well that no animal or reptile suffered during the bag creation the process, makes one appreciate these ethical bags even more.

In terms of aesthetics and looks, faux leather handbags look similar to the real thing without the animal hide or byproduct. Some bag manufacturers use recycled materials, canvass, PU materials, fabric, cardboard, and many unexpected out-of-the box upcycled stuff. Fashion and bag enthusiasts are now more than aware of the vegan product line. This growing trend gave enough reason for bag makers and even specialty fashion store outlets to carry a vegan collection.

What Makes a Vegan Handbag

Vegan leather is the most common material used for vegan bags. Commonly made using a very versatile material called polyurethane, designers of fashion bags, luggage, shoes, and other accessories find this material easy to work with due to its malleability and its close similarity with the look of leather.

Cork – This lighter material has the shade and details that resembles leather. It may not be as durable as leather, but it is a good and fashionable cruelty-free material that looks and feel just as good as the leather.

Recycled Industrial Materials – In the past decades, who would image that recycled plastics and scrap polyester film from monitor and TV screens among others can be woven into durable bags? With creativity and resourcefulness, even tire interiors and PET bottles are used. The marriage of technology and environmental consciousness helped make this a reality.

Cotton canvas – Canvas bags are common as accessories for casual wear. Some bag makers use a process that embosses, stretches, glazes, and buffs the material to a point that it can look and feel like leather.

Plant fiber – In many cultures, natives use plant fiber such as hemp, pineapple fiber, abaca, and other indigenous plant-based materials to make bags and baskets. By buying authentic native bags made from fiber, we not only go with the vegan trend; we also support jobs for indigenous people.

Where to Buy Vegan Handbags

Whether you consider yourself an ethical fashionista or a shopper attracted to the lovely designs of vegan bags, you can buy these from just about anywhere these days. You can search for vegan collections on both online and in-store distributors.

In this age of internet technology, even the small shops have websites where they offer and feature their latest available merchandise. You may even ask friends for recommendations on the best deals on vegan bags and even vegan versions of totes, cross-body, weekenders, or clutch bags. Top brands that can also be found online both from official stores, dealers, and from re-sellers. Unless you want to go for the excitement of a risky purchase, do your research on brand reviews for quality and styles. Never rely on a single source of information. It pays to do your homework.

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