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Why Vegan Bags?

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Vegan Bags: When Veganism Turns Stylish

Isn’t it amazing how the presence of vegan bags turns the tables on fashion trends these days? Society and the fashion world are indeed changing. An increasing number of bag brands are adding the vegan line to their product collection. More shoppers today are aware of the ethical issues surrounding the manufacture methods of their once favorite bag brands, thanks to social media and the internet. While some may say this is just one of those trends, it is something for a generally good purpose. If it is to promote less animal cruelty, and environmental sustainability, then it is a trend worth checking out.

Evolution of Vegan Fashion

Vegan fashion became a term coined during the height of the popularity of vegan diet in the past two decades. Although there were some bag makers in the years prior to this, it only started going mainstream after designer Stella McCartney released her own vegan product line in Paris in 2001. Celebrities including Pink and Pamela Anderson among others, boldly promoted animal free products. In the years that followed other designers including Armani, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger joined the trend of making cruelty-free products. Thanks to celebrities, famous designers, and the internet, more consumers are aware of vegan products now. Many entrepreneurs, both big and small, followed in the creation of various vegan products.

Why Buy Vegan Bags?

For each vegan bag we patronize, there is something more than meets the eye. Wearing a functional accessory such as a bag is an is essential for work, leisure, or as a style statement. When we use a vegan bag such as a clutch, a crossbody, or any vegan product, we go beyond accessorizing our wardrobe. We encourage more bag makers to create more cruelty-free products. No matter how high the price, each bag we purchase helps provide the right salary to the artisans. Buying vegan bags collectively creates an impact to society and the environment. If given a choice, shouldn’t we always go for the one that creates a better world for everyone both in the present and for the future generations?


How to Style Vegan Bags

These days, there are vegan bags for just about any style and function. Since these are made from different types of materials, vegan leather, particularly, can live up to the expectations for both durability and design. For daytime casual wear, errands, and weekenders, there are totes, and many other handbags designed to keep up with such demands. Gone are the days when ethical fashion is synonymous with 'frumpiness' and tacky designs. Vegan leather and other materials such as PVC, PU, cork, paper, glazed cotton, bark cloth, an upcycled material live up to the stylish standards of even the luxury brands. They look and feel just as good or even better than actual leather. 


Today, nobody needs to sacrifice style when thinking about shifting to vegan fashion. Shops around the world, both in-store and online, have vegan collection offers. You can find one that’s perfect for your style taste and functionality demands. It is easier to shop for a vegan bag now than ever before. If you wish to go for luxury brands, they are also available.

For those shopping within the budget, you will not be frustrated. Some ethical fashion bags come in affordable prices. From day to night, there is a vegan bag to go with your wardrobe. These are artisanal bags you will feel good about wearing. And take note, most of these vegan brands help alleviate poverty by providing work opportunities in ethical work conditions to many artisans in many parts of the world. Make your choice to support a cruelty-free fashion world.