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Vegan Backpacks are Here to Stay

Wardrobe Upgrade with Vegan Backpacks

Have vegan backpacks found their way into your wardrobe collection already? This could be the best thing that ever happened to the development of bag design. The backpack has evolved from being an ultimate utility bag for students and campers into a staple fashion accessory. Bag designers and makers creatively transformed a chunky and slouchy bag into something any girl will be proud to wear. It’s just a matter of size, design, and the right material. They have taken backpack design a notch higher with the use of vegan leather and other ethical materials. Let’s see why we should have a vegan backpack in our wardrobe.

Materials for Vegan Backpacks

Since the backpack should stand the durability test as a fashionable vegan bag, the makers of these bags chose innovative materials. These should lightweight and built to last. While many of us love leather bags for its durable quality, vegan bags also can also live up to that demand. Some backpacks are made of fiber using recycled plastic bottles, weighing 40% lighter than the leather counterpart. Matt & Nat, one of the first companies to offer all-vegan based bags and accessories, creatively transforms recycled bottles to material that mimic the look and feel of natural leather.

Recently, a prominent shoe brand entered the vegan backpack market with its prime knit backpack. It uses the two-tone webbing mesh construction similar to those used for prime knit shoes. It is durable, light, and it comes with a trendy look. Innovations in materials for vegan bags continue. We are sure to see more of it in the coming years.


Vegan backpacks come in all colors just as any fashion backpack you can find in the market. Today, the ethically conscious shopper no longer has to sacrifice beauty and style. Bag makers made a wide variety of colors and designs to cater to different consumer style preferences.

Are you looking for a color trend with staying power and beauty? Then go for the backpack with color block designs. Some people find the single-colored bag a bit boring. If you are one of them, this trend is for you. Its versatility can also help you stay classy even on casual days. A perfect utility bag does not need to be boring. Wear the colors if you must! If you are a vegan, your non-vegan friends might not even tell the difference between leather and your ethically- made backpack.

Overall Structures of Vegan Backpacks

The straps and handles of a backpack identify it and differentiate it from the rest of the bags out there. Commonly, there are two adjustable straps worn over the shoulders to keep the wearer’s hands free to carry other items or to do other things. Some backpacks have a single strap design. The strap is worn diagonally over the chest. For extra support to carry heavier items, manufacturers designed backpacks with plastic frames. Some bags come with padded compartments to help protect gadgets inside. The difference between vegan backpacks and regular ones is the ethical materials used for its construction.

Easy Access

Whatever material, size, design, or color a backpack comes in, its main attraction remains basic - its functionality. There is a vegan backpack for just about anyone. Depending on your lifestyle, fashion sense, and utility needs, you can find one available for your preferences. Some backpacks are so stylishly designed to use for the office. Business backpacks can efficiently carry a laptop, some books, and everyday items you will need at work. Some backpacks have multiple pockets distributed on the front, side, and back of the bag for easier access to small items. From traveling to street wear to business, there is a backpack to provide your carrying needs from day to night.

Today vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy a cruelty-free bag. With all the available sizes, designs and styles, it will be a joy to shop for and collect bags and backpacks to suit your function and style needs. Backpacks these days are designed to go with everything. You only have to choose the one that matches your personality and activities. We are in the era of making a statement in style and life philosophy. Be edgy, be quirky, or be in your understated elegant form with a versatile vegan bag. Wear your style proudly and best of all, be cruelty-free.