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How to Own Your Style with Unique Designer Handbags


Creating a Collection of Unique Designer Handbags 

Unique designer handbags are among the top choices of women of the most with distinct taste.. Bag manufacturers and bag shops make provide a wide range of styles. From classic to ultra-glam designs, there is a designer bag to fit your fashion taste. Trends keep changing every season, and bag shopaholics are expected to buy the latest style. Soon enough, you see women carrying the same handbag styles you have. Horror of horrors! If you are affected by this, then you need a unique bag that truly defines your style. Don’t just go for the average and trendy bags. Look for statement pieces to suit your personality.

Non-traditional Styles of Designer Handbags

In a sea of women carrying bags, how does one stand out? By choosing a handbag with a unique shape that’s worthy of a second look or stares for that matter. The effect may differ accordingly, but, hey! That’s part of having a unique accessory.  Even bag designers add a selection of statement pieces in their collections. It defines their own unapologetic sense of beauty and style, which fashion-forward bag collectors rave about. On occasions when storage space is not a priority, add an element of interest with regards to bag shape or detailing choices. Why not try the round bags instead of on the square ones? On dressy occasions, have an icon mini bag to complete your look.

Bold Prints

When you feel the need to do the extra mile on your fashion sense, but could not sacrifice the functionality of your favorite bag, choose a statement bag in a bold color or with bold prints. There are versions of your favorite designer satchels and totes for work and travel in standout colors and prints. Feeling artsy? Commission an artist to paint on your leather bag. Having a custom design on a bag panel makes great conversation pieces as well. Be daring. Be bold. Wear this bag style to give a strong focal point to your outfit of the day. If you need to wear a strong color, go for a statement bag with a strong hue or print.

Abstract Designs

Dare to display your uniqueness a notch higher by wearing bags with artistic designs and shapes. Obsessed with a furry animal? Then add a bag with an animal shape to your collection. You wouldn’t mind having a faux pet draped over your shoulder when you need it the most. If you have a hobby such as photography, you may want to add a camera-shaped bag to your shopping list. Sometimes you can just let yourself loose with abstract bag designs. Nothing too serious here, except for being seriously in tune with your own uniqueness by collecting bags you love to see and wear on some fun days.

Complimentary Accessories

Thinking of accessorizing an accessory? Why not? Leading luxury bag designers have released a myriad of designs, from furry key chains, tassels, animal shapes, fruit-inspired charms, to metal hardware among dozens of other designs. Bag accessories are must-haves, especially if you are collecting trendy designer bags. These bring out the playfulness in you. Sometimes, when you feel that your bag is too plain, all it takes is a dangling accessory to add some bling to your all-time favorite bag. Runway fashion taught us how we can add more whimsical charm to our arm accessory. If you are looking for a way to make your tote or backpack more unique without depleting your wallet, use bag charms.

Any woman deserves to have at least one or a few designer handbags. It is a luxury she owes herself.  A handbag is a thing of beauty and functionality that speaks of your lifestyle and fashion sense. It can look as neutral and common as the rest. It can also project your uniqueness.  One thing is for sure, a handbag is an accessory you never want to leave behind. For this reason, a unique designer bag is among a woman’s major purchases. The service it gives in terms of dependability and style is almost unequaled.  Go ahead and treat yourself. You deserve a unique bag.