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The Leather Tote Women Would Love to Have

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The Ultimate Leather Tote Women Can Wear from Day to Night

The functionality of a leather tote bags is unmatched.Some even describe the leather tote as the perfect work bag. You can use it at the office or a shopping bag for small items when you wish to unwind after a hectic day. Every woman needs a roomy bag for all the necessary knick-knacks and gadgets only women will understand. The thing is, how do we choose the one bag to rule above all bags? Keep reading!

What is a Tote Bag?

The name itself signifies that it is a bag mean to “tote” or to carry. Thus, a tote bag is large enough to carry women’s items for daily use. It is the bag highly favored for shopping or for traveling. Usually worn on the shoulder, it has two parallel handles on the sides of an unfastened bag for easy top part access to its main compartment.

Its popularity is mainly due to its versatility.  Totes come in different types of materials in various designs to suit any function and style demand. The highest quality and most luxurious material used for tote bags is leather. Because of the high demand for leather tote bags, designers always include this style in their collections. It is almost impossible not to find a tote, whether large or small, among leather bags sold by stores both online and physical outlets.

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How to Style

While the leather tote women choose to wear would be mainly for functionality, you can find ways to use it as a fashion statement. The tote can also complement your wardrobe.  As you know, most totes don’t zip to close, and so some may come with a slouchy look unless it is made of stiff material. However, if it is a leather tote in a neutral tone, it can work with most outfits. If you want a more sophisticated look, go for a black shoulder tote made of leather.

Who says diaper bags look unfashionable? You can use large totes bags as diaper bags when you want your bags to complement your outfit. Choose bags made of materials that don’t stain quickly, such as nylon or polyurethane. If you intend to use totes for multiple functions such as these, find ones with pockets. In any case, you can always get away with a large tote. Having a roomy space inside your bag also allows you to fit in a bag organizer to keep your stuff in place.

Purpose in Wardrobe

If there is one bag you should keep in your wardrobe, it is the leather tote bag. Its uncomplicated lines and roomy compartment can work with you from day to night.  The everyday tote is a must for students and businesswomen as it can contain a laptop, books, mobile devices, and daily grooming essentials. No wonder minimalists love a sizeable sturdy tote. You won’t have to worry about finding extra room in your closet for different bags.

Regardless of your style preference, you will always need a bag to carry what you need for the day. If you are a busy commuter who want to bring as much as you can without looking like you’re going on a camping trip, the leather tote is your bag to go.

Sizing and Price Points

The price range of leather totes is as wide as you can ever imagine. Since this is one of the most common bags that every woman deserves to have, bag makers ensure that there is a tote for every budget. Prices can go as low as $10 for a decent leather tote bag to as high as several thousands of dollars on luxury brands.  Sizes vary to suit the taste and height of the wearer. The best way to get a good deal on totes is to find bags on sale online or from store outlets.

Although the saying goes that a woman can never have too many bags, there is one that you find most dependable and can suit your style if you wish. That is the leather tote. It works as a functional fashion accessory for almost anyone. Whether you are a student, a professional, a mother, or just being your own unique self, the leather tote will work for you. For this reason, the tote bag can make an excellent gift for someone you care about and of course, for yourself. It is not difficult to fall in love with this bag. Choose well, and you’re on your way to years of relationship with a great bag!