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4 Things You Must Know About Luxury Handbag Brands


Tips and Tricks About Buying From Luxury Handbag Brands

Once you start buying luxury handbag brands, you know there is always room for one more, or a dozen more. If you have cash to spare, why not? An excellent handbag is an investment, especially if it is one of those that you will be using a lot. Because it will cost you more than your month’s rent and a large chunk of your salary, you will need to take careful consideration on the purchase. What should you look for and how should you shop for the luxury bag of your dreams? Know the details before you swoon and spend.

Authenticity Test for Luxury Handbag Brands

The safest way to acquire an authentic luxury handbag is to buy from the official outlet. Most luxury handbag brands come with authenticity cards and some come with serial numbers. If you plan on buying a used bag or an item outside of the dealer store, do your research. Check for certain unique stitching and details on the logo, pockets, and seams. Bag experts share tips on testing the authenticity of an item. Soon enough you will learn how to tell the real from a fake one. Be in the know of the type of materials specific designers use for their unique bags.


Popular Styles of Luxury Handbags

Bag style trends come and go yearly, but there are some popular ones which designers call iconic. These bag styles have stood the test of time as they remain in the top of the list of bag styles sought by collectors and avid women shoppers. These include purses, clutches, totes, crossbody, bowling bags, satchels, shoulder bags, handbags, baguette bags, backpacks, and messenger bags among others. Most designer brands carry several, if not all of these styles. Some have classic designs while some border on the wilder, or shall we say, statement fashion. If you plan to use the bags as a regular lady accessory, be on the practical side and choose the top brand style well.

Price Point

While most of the luxury handbag brands lean more on the expensive side, there you can still be a practical shopper. There are certain bag models that can maintain a great price point even after years in your possession. This is particularly important if you plan to resell your bags when that need arises. Choose leather because this is a material that can stand many years of use, especially if you know how to take care of it. Go for the structured look. Bags with a classic, geometrical shape often stays sleek longer. They also last longer and can withstand frequent use.

Shopping Online vs. In-store

When it comes to the authenticity factor, nothing beats shopping in-store from an authorized outlet. The best tip in scoring a great deal on in-store shopping would be to shop in countries that offer duty-free shopping where taxes are lower. Generally, European countries sell luxury bags at lower prices across the globe. However, you can also get cheap top brand bags from UK airports if you are lucky enough to be there on time before the other shoppers do.

Believe it or not, many expensive bags were bought on impulse. Soon these will be sold online. Choose from hundreds of pre-owned bags on eBay and other online sites. Search for stores that only specialize in authentic bags. With this, you get an extra layer of protection and a guaranty of authenticity. As you collect more bags through time, you familiarize yourself with the signs of an authentic branded bag.