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Leather Design: The Timeless Attraction

Start a Handbag Collection Today with a Leather Design!

When a bag lover thinks of a pristine bag, they think of the leather design. Genuine leather is a standout regardless of who the designer is. The longevity of leather is what entices people to purchase it. The structure and quality ensure that it will stand the test of time. There are many types of leather used in handbags and some are lower quality than others. When shopping for the next bag, it is important to know the difference in types of leather before buying. When a fashionista is armed with knowledge, she will be able to make an informed decision and get the highest quality product.

Popular Types of Leather

Durability, timelessness, and style are three words that describe leather. Genuine leather won’t peel or crack, so any bag will last for years to come. The leather chosen for the bag varies on the designer. It may be thicker or thinner. Thinner leather is more flexible with a squishy consistency. For more structure, thicker leather may be a better option.

Cowhide leather top notch when it comes to quality of leather. Mainstream brands use cowhide leather to create durable bags that have distinct texture to them. Lambskin leather is particularly attractive since it’s smooth and soft. The velvety texture merges sophistication and elegance. The downside is that it is extremely delicate. While it is beautiful, proper care has to be taken to prevent it from being scratched or damaged.

Faux leather is a popular option from styles to the price tag. The artificial leather still provides the luxurious appeal of a genuine one when its crafted correctly. A keen eye will be able to tell the difference between real and faux leather. Stores also make it easy by explicitly naming them as such. Faux leather products still provide durability, but most importantly they are much more affordable. It’s not surprising that it’s the at the top of the list when it comes to handbags!


A perfect leather bag consists of a sturdy zipper and strap. For luxury bags, most zippers will be made from metal. One will notice that metal zippers are made from aluminum, brass, antique brass, and black oxidized. These materials allow the zipper to have a smooth and gliding transition across the bag. Before purchases, test the zipper to make sure it zips and unzips perfectly. Any snag issues show the quality of the zipper. It should glide smoothly and easily. For those looking for easy access, there are magnetic clasps and snap closure options.

While the zipper is crucial for keeping all materials inside the bag and easy to reach, the strap is just as important. Straps should feel snug on one’s shoulder without any discomfort. Having discomfort will only cause strain on the body in the long run. When using one shoulder bags, the strap should be thicker to balance the weight that is inside. A thinner strap with heavier items will sink into the skin causing shoulder cramps. Look for styles with adjustable, thicker straps. The adjustments can keep the bag just on the shoulder or it can be worn as a crossbody. A crossbody bag will fall right at the waist resting on the hip. Ultimately, the larger the strap, the easier it is to carry the bag.

There are so many different types of leather design bags for women, but proper research should be done on what leather bag to choose and the maintenance for it. Understanding the inner workings of a great bag would make a bag lover feel confident in choosing an appropriate and high-quality bag. Remember to keep in mind quality over quantity to achieve personal satisfaction.