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Functionality Meets Versatility with a Handbag

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Handbag

Every woman needs a handbag. The size is personal preference, but it’s an essential. The variety of options available leaves the choice up to the imagination of the potential owner. Many women own multiple handbags for every occasion and interchange them throughout the year. There are others that splurge on one and carry it every day without fail. A handbag is the perfect arm candy that not only completes an outfit, but allows access to daily necessities on the go.

Popular Styles

When it comes to buying a handbag, the decision is more than just complimenting personal style. The bag needs to be functional. Without it, it’s just a pretty accessory. The options available are endless ranging from small, medium, to large. Smaller handbags are crossbody’s, hobo’s, satchel’s, and clutches. These are classic single strap bags with a longer, thicker strap. A clutch is the exception as not all have a strap. They are either carried in hand or on the wrist as a wristlet. Clutches that do have straps, they’re typically chained or thin and able to be tucked inside of the bag. Bags of this style are perfect for everyday and running errands. The one strap provides hands free access with space for basic essentials. Clutches on the other hand are carried primarily on special occasions.

Medium to larger styles are bucket bags and messenger/laptop bags. Bucket bags have a unique design with the drawstring closure being the key feature. They also have a longer strap, some having a top handle. This style has a deep interior with not much organization except maybe a picket or two. For those looking for more organization, smaller bags will have to be incorporated. The overall design is best for those that are in a rush yet need a central location to fit everything.

Messenger/laptop bags have become more sophisticated over the years. Leather is a popular choice with pockets and a magnetic closure. The interior has a separator that leaves room for a laptop and a notebook, chargers, and other electronic devices. The outside pockets are perfect for additional accessories, but also personal items. For a woman that wants to use just one bag, these outside pockets will fit keys and other small essentials.

Best Handbags for Travel

The Duffel Bag, commonly referred to as the weekender, is a top choice for travel. This style is best for those on the go for a short getaway and they are immensely spacious. The duffel bag is generally rectangular with a double handle and longer strap to carry on the shoulder. Depending on the designer, there are plenty of pockets for additional storage and organization. As for the material, there are bags made of fabric, mesh, and leather. Tips to packing a duffle bag to maximize the space is to roll clothing instead of regular folding. A day’s outfit can be rolled all together which leaves space for shoes, toiletries, and any other odds and ends. The sizing is perfect to fit in any overhead compartments of an airplane.

Backpacks have become very trendy as not just an essential for school. Top brands have seen the growing audience and cater to the popular demand by providing more luxurious options. For travelling purposes, backpacks have utility designs ideal for hiking, skiing, or biking. These in particular are meant to withstand various weather conditions. The inside stays dry and unharmed while the outside can take all the punches. This type of bag are the double straps ensure durability. Additionally, the straps adjust to keep it comfortable and to balance the weight of what’s inside. Certain styles have mesh on the straps which help with ventilation. Aside from the strap, these bags are double stitched with heavy duty zippers.

Totes round off the travel handbag list. The material also ranges from fabric to leather. Smaller bags are typically included as these bags are not as compartmentalized as others. The structured base helps to frame the bag with the double top handles being long enough to fit comfortably on the shoulder.

Best Places to Buy a Handbag

Handbags can be purchased at any department store and online. Department stores have frequent sales and various materials and styles available. The best part of purchasing in-store versus online is the option of seeing and touching the bag. A bag may look very enticing online, but once received it may not meet expectations. Trying on the bag and examining the interior and exterior up close and personal is a major bonus. For those that prefer online shopping, there are options to filter based on color of bag, style, size, and price.

Not every woman collects handbags, but with the options available, they’ll surely find one that accommodates all of their needs. It assists with daily travel and with space to take a little piece of home everywhere they go. Handbags fill up pretty quickly and some may not want to bring with them a suitcase everywhere they go. The sizing available helps to monetize what is put inside to keep it minimal to the essentials. Whether the handbag is big or small, every woman needs an everyday carry all.