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The Secrets to Shopping for Female Handbags

The Fashion Trend: Female Handbags

Female handbags serve major functions in a woman's life. There is never a such thing as too many. There is practically a handbag for every occasion and every outfit. There is one for every season and reason. Sometimes, it adds a pop of color to a monochrome wardrobe. With the diverse tastes and styles of women, bag designers take a lot of effort in creating ideal women’s handbags at all possible price points. Each brand offers a different collection for every season because they understand women’s utility and fashion needs.  What then should you look for when you shop for a handbag?

The Necessity of Having Female Handbags

It is basic. Women need handbags for practicality and fashionable reasons. No matter what size it is, women need to bring one even if it’s just for keys, a phone, and a wallet. This is why there are purses and clutches because most women’s clothes don’t have pockets for items as large as a lady’s wallet. For work and for going out basics, the popular go-to bags for carrying daily essentials are totes. A woman should have at least one tote in a neutral color to complement any attire. Women don’t need to find too many bags, but having one or two basics and a designer bag is ideal.

What’s Typically Inside

Have you ever wondered what is typically inside a woman’s bag? Most claim that these carry daily “essentials.” The types of necessary items highly depend on her lifestyle. Because it is always good to be ready at all times, most women have these:

•    Keys

•    Phone

•    Coin purse for loose change

•    Mints

•    Mirror or compact powder with mirror

•    A makeup kit

•    Hand sanitizer

•    Pen

•    Wipes or facial tissues

•    Lipstick

•    Sunglasses

•    Comb

•    Hair items

•    Underwear

•    Sanitary napkin or tampons

•    Pain reliever tablets

•    Notebook

•    Ipad

•    Handkerchief

•    Pepper spray

•    Another bag (usually a bag organizer)

If this list does not justify having female handbags, I don’t know what else will.

Popular Styles

A wide range of styles rolls out in the market every season. But there are a few popular bag styles that endure the test of time. These items shipping across the globe from shops to the doorstep are top favorites.

The Tote – Every woman needs a bag that can carry her necessary items wherever she goes.

The Weekender – This style is popular among constant travelers, gym buffs, and moms.

Satchel –  When you need to carry some essential items in something that does not look like a work bag.

Clutch – used for most formal and dressier occasions.

Crossbody – Popular among the busier women who need to free their hands from carrying a bag for other more important activities.

Storage, Organization, and Regular Maintenance

To keep handbags in great shape, these need proper storage and maintenance. Cabinets with cubicle sections are the best if you have lots of room in your home. For bags that you rarely use, place them storage bins, while hooks and pegs are best for storing often-used shoulder bags, totes, and hobo bags you want to keep within your reach. Use hooks at a minimum. Storing bags this way for long periods may distort the shape and damage the straps.

Just like anything you value, bags need proper maintenance, too. Leather and faux leather bags should not be stored in plastic bags to avoid mildew growth. For regular cleaning and stain removal, use a mixture of 1-2 drops of baby wash and a cup of water. Gently use a microfiber cloth to clean the stains and regular dirt buildup.

The handbag is definitely a woman’s best friend. It helps keep her armed with the essentials on the battlefield of work, play, and style. Whenever a woman carries a handbag, it conveys something. It is often a reflection of her lifestyle and her personal expression. It serves more than to carry items around. It carries her personality and sense of style. From the functional to iconic, a bag is a characteristic part of any woman’s wardrobe. Now you know why there is a great need to find quality bags both in style and craftsmanship. You will never understand why until you actually own one favorite bag.