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Compassion is the New Fashion with Cruelty Free Bags

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Keep Calm and Enjoy Cruelty Free Bags

One may wonder, what exactly are cruelty free handbags? Cruelty free bags, also referred to as vegan handbags, are handbags that are not made from animal-based materials. Handbags regardless of the brand range from small to large. They have transformed from housing personal items to on the go storage systems.? Fashion brands use these alternative materials to create the handbags. Most importantly, the popularity has increased over the years. Whoever is shopping for their next handbag should take into consideration the manufacturer and the material it’s made of.

The Variety of Cruelty Free Products

Cruelty free products expand beyond handbags. Popular items include eyeshadows and foundations in addition to lipstick. Aside from beauty products, household products are another hot commodity that people really value. Many brands can now be found in local drug stores as the demand is constantly growing. With further knowledge, people are becoming very aware of the products they consistently use. A lot of brands have changed specifically their formulas to appease the vegan audience.

Popularity of Cruelty Free Handbags

Committing to a vegan lifestyle does not mean one has to sacrifice their style. The variety of styles work for any occasion whether it’s work or a night on the town. For those that care deeply for animal rights may opt for a cruelty free bag versus genuine leather. Those that purchase can still showcase their self-expression without worries of endangering people, animals, or planet Earth in the process. This fashion forward statement ultimately creates a positive economic and ethical impact.

Many fashion brands test the wear and tear of the alternative materials used to make sure the bags are functional as well as fashionable. There may be a misconception that vegan bags will be ruined easier. In fact, many have the same quality of a leather bag. In addition, with proper care these bags will stand the test of time and they’re recyclable. Who wouldn’t want to wear a bag that looks and feels good? Best of all, the bags won’t break the bank. One will be surprised by the bags exterior quality and inexpensive prices.  

Faux Leather Styles

The common terminology for cruelty free handbags is faux leather. The vegan reputation has expanded beyond fashion into beauty products. There is a plethora of alternative materials used to create these vegan designs. That includes cork leather and recycled polyester along with nylon. Faux leather is made of polyurethane, a polymer that has a distinct appearance that can make a bag sparkle with the sheen one would find with a genuine leather handbag.

Cork leather is new to the fashion scene. It is recyclable, biodegradable, and versatile. The cork leather will look great with any outfit and mimics real leather. Furthermore, one can choose from a variety of colors from neutrals to bright yellow, green, or red. These same styles would be found with genuine leather handbags.

Recycled polyester and nylon are also a great addition to make a cruelty free bags. It reduces toxic emissions from incinerations and helps improve the environment. A lot of people are searching for bags like these due to the fact that they help the environment. Not all handbags are kept forever. When it comes time to them to be donated, or thrown away, it’s great to know they will biodegrade effectively.

Making a Conscious Decision

Whichever the vegan leather chosen, it’s great to know a conscious choice was made in the purchase. There should be no limitations when buying a handbag as it is an item used daily. The price is right as well as many would not want to excessively spend on a purse. Cruelty free bags put animals first without giving up quality. Each handbag will be colorful, chic, and attune to the trends of the fashion industry.