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Top Five Trends Taking Over Autumn Fashion


                Every season it seems like we’re rushing to change up our wardrobe. As summer waves goodbye and we enter into the autumn season, it’s time to get into cute sweater weather. But you don’t want to be caught with last year’s furs. You want to be the center of attention and the talk of the town. So, toss last year’s closet. We’re ready for an upgrade. Luckily, we’ve been scoping out all the latest on the run way. From jackets to jeans to your new favorite boots, you’ll be ready to do the cat walk yourself. Don’t forget the accessories—we know just the right handbags to choose from to match your new look. It doesn’t matter if you need a handbag, a shoulder bag or a clutch, because we’ve got something that will last all season and even next. So are you ready to go on a shopping trip and accessorize?



1.       Animal Print 80’s


It’s almost never falling out of fashion. Animal print seems to always make its return come colder months. Victoria Beckham sported a chic leopard print design from her AW18 collection, turning everyone’s heads. Some other styles included snake, zebra, ocelot, tiger and croc print. Sounds like the perfect chance to show off our Mini Rotondo Blush Crocodile handbag, or perhaps our Clutch Metallic Blue Ostrich, for those really fashionable events. Who says you can’t mix and match a little? Along with the animal prints comes an 80s wave, with shoulder pads, pleated pants and skirts. Seems like designers were going for something fierce in their collections and we sure feel it.


2.       Futuristic Silver and Holographic Oil Spills


We had a look at the past, and now it’s looking to the future with some silver. Whether it was large dangling sequins or sparkling holographic dresses, it seems designers were looking for inspiration from 2050. Balmain had quite the collection. We really love the silver jumpsuit. It makes such a statement. If you want to be bold, this is the look for you because these metallic fabrics are not for the faint of heart. But if you still want to wear the look and prefer something a little subtler, Tom Ford has you covered. The futuristic vibe also brought some holographic colors into the mix. Looking like a shimmering oil spill, this trend definitely brings out that Hollywood sci fi aesthetic. There are so many different styles to choose from! The LBP Soap Bubble backpack would make a nice addition to capture the whole look. The soap bubble printed leather looks a lot like those holographic oil spill fabrics.


3.       Tweed & Plaid


Cold weather means breaking out the warm clothes and what’s warmer than a tweed jacket? Better yet, what about a plaid tweed jacket? If the name gives you images of boring, stuffy clothing, think again. There’s been quite a resurgence from coats to suits and the designers have really out done themselves. Adding a little tull or leather, going for a boxy or fitted look, it all makes the difference. Jackets aren’t the only thing in tweed, however. There are plenty of skirts and pants that have caught our eye. The plaid designs really go along with it, adding a very sophisticated but comfortable look. Grab one of our black leather Sacco handbags to go along with it and you’ll have the perfect winter business attire. Or if you want to stick with a knit look, our Vegan Mini Rotondo Black might be an even better option.



4.       Neon


Neon colors are in and they are everywhere. From super bright greens to shield-your-eyes yellows, its another bold look for you to be boisterous about. In all fairness, it’s another 80s revival style. Yet, it’s so far removed from animal print that we think it deserves its own category. Kim Kardashian seems to be the trendsetter for this movement, going for styles that were absolute attention grabbers. Accordingly, stores are flooding with eccentric colors in all flavors and types. If you love the look, but don’t want to channel the sun, try matching up bright accessories with your wardrobe. We have quite the love affair with our Porta Blush leather tote bag and our Tres Blush Crocodile printed leather tote.  



5.       All the bags


An obvious favorite of ours, there are plenty of bags falling for autumn. We especially liked the silver, bedazzled bags. The LBP Punk would fit right in there with the shiny silver leather or perhaps the Clutch Shiny White. Sure, it’s not silver but we think you can pull it off. Seems like it’s all about matching the accessories this year, since most of the bag styles matched the latest trends. Animal print and neon are among them, but a few others with chain handles and geometric designs are making waves.  


     Do you love the autumn fashion trends this year? We’re pretty excited to update all our old clothes and have our own photoshoot in front of our mirror.  We know you’ve imagined yourself in one of those fashion montages. Don’t worry, we definitely strike a pose any time we’ve got our favorite Martella bag in tow. But if you find that you don’t quite fit the trends, no need for a fashion disaster. You can always make your own and our luxury handbags will always be standout no matter what.